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Yes, you can sew!

The biggest tip for anyone new to sewing is choose your project wisely and believe you can! 

Take time to read the instructions.  

Don’t be too scared … you can’t sew anything wrong (it can always be undone and re-sewn) but you can cut wrong so always measure twice, cut once.

Start with a beginner level pattern, generally the fewer pattern pieces, the simpler the project.

And, choose group or individual tuition to help you along the way.

Sewing is about learning the basics and building your skills with lots and lots of practice. Some of your projects will go right straight away, some will be unpicked and redone several times and some will seem to confuse you forever and end up in your ‘work in progress’ [WIP] bag.  But have faith that with a little more practice that confusion will turn to clarity.  You just need to understand the very basics.

It’s really important that you understand firstly fabric construction because correct alignment of pattern pieces to the fabric warp, weft and bias will go such a long way towards successful projects.  Next you need to match fabric types to your chosen project.  Most of the big commercial pattern makers will give suggested fabrics on the back of the envelope but remember these are suggestions only.  So,if you fancy making a skirt from fake grass, go for it (do remember to change your machine needle to suit).  It’s all about understanding how drapey your fabric is if you’re making a long fishtail dress for a red-carpet occasion … it won’t work in a thick, stiff fabric, much better to choose a fluid satin-type.

This all may sound confusing but good choices, practice and someone to give guidance build your confidence and before you know it you’ll be saying those magic words, “Yes, I made it myself”.

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New Technology

Things have been taking off with our sewing classes at Make With with 6 new bookings for 1-2-1 lessons in just one week.  But, I’m only too aware that using one social media channel alone will reach a finite amount of people … even if I used paid advertising posts too.

So, since the start of 2015 I’ve been working hard on making us a little more visible.  I had to have a little help at times with settings etc but you can now find us in a multitude of places:

www.facebook/com.makewithmk - @makewithmk - @make_with

and of course here on Tumblr

See you soon

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Busy Busy Busy Sewing Bees

Each time the Great British Sewing Bee is aired on tv, it’s like everyone wants to join in the fabulous trend.  Happily, this time is no different.

We’ve been busy in class and busy with enquiries and today I made appointments for 3 ladies to join us for their 1st lessons.  But, in January I’m happy to say we welcomed our first gent to class.  Thankfully he’s not too bashful as you can imagine some of the chatter in class.  And, he didn’t blush too much when we passed around the pair of girly knickers made the week before. 

It’s not just undies though, we’re making anything and everything in class.  A 1950’s dress made from a comic themed duvet cover, clothing, toys, quilts and we’ve a bagmaking workshop coming up on Saturday 7 March.

The workshops are a great day for creating, chatting, making new friends and generally getting away for it all for a few hours.

Can’t really think of a better way to pass the time so it’s huge thanks to everyone who lets me help them in their sewing journey.

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It's Blog Time

Getting ourselves sorted with the website and now a Tumblr blog … getting there slowly but it’s happening

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<p>Sewing classes in Milton Keynes</p>

Sewing classes in Milton Keynes

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