My Inspiration

10 January 2015 If she'd still been with us, today would be my Gran's 114th birthday. She was a professional dressmaker who sewed, baked, crocheted, did tapestry work, knitted, in fact she was always doing something creative. Now I'm sure you can see where my inspiration comes from (apart from the baking). I'm sure she never dreamed I would be helping people with their sewing projects so I guess I should now say thanks to my Gran for being my inspiration and leading me to a creative life in Make With. Happy Birthday :) {pic courtesy of}

About Me

Hi I've been playing with fabric for more years than I can remember. I started sewing when I was about 7 and I can even recall the 'lovely' fabric printed with ships and sea scenes that I chose from the fabric bin at school to make my 1970's midi skirt. Unsurprisingly, I never wore my skirt! Since then I've become a lot better at choosing fabrics and with the help of my senior school needlework lessons began to really make ... and have been making ever since. Fast forward through my work life years as secretary/pa and a break to have my daughter, I'm now the luckiest girl in the world to be able to spend my time passing on tips and techniques and helping others build their sewing skills. Well, that's really me in a nutshell - I love fabrics, sewing, creating, new people and I love the inspiration I get from the lovely people I meet in my classes.